My First Challenge

IMG_9264I did my first challenge quilt with the Heritage Quilters of Huntsville Guild.  This quilt was an inspiration of the theme “A Road Less Travelled”.  Instead of it being a road, mine was a river.  Many years ago my family and I were vacationing in the Smokies and I was dying to try fly fishing in the park. So I geared up and my husband dropped me off in the park and a few hours later picked me up a ways down the river.  I tried to stay along side of the road, but there was this one area that caught my eye.  I noticed water coming from another source, so I got out of the river and walked a short distance and saw a gorgeous waterfall.  No one would have seen this waterfall unless they purposely got out of their car, walked across the river and then into the woods a short distance.  That place was definitely a “road less travelled”.

I spent a month or so looking for a variety of fabrics with textures to use in this quilt.  I got many of them on my recent vacation to Utah at various quilt shops in the Salt Lake City area.  The very first thing I did was “thread paint” ME fishing.  I printed a B&W photo on fabric and then went to my machine and started threadpainting.  I learned this technique after taking a class from Nancy Prince a couple months ago. It’s far from perfect but it was fun! I added ME to the quilt once it was all pieced together.IMG_9373

I finished it off with a printed fabric label done on my inkjet printer.  I am pretty happy with my first art quilt and ready to do more!  Got some really cool ideas floating in my head!


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