Biking Memories Quilt

Just finished this quilt and will ship it early next week!  A client from Oregon asked me to create this memory quilt of her dad’s biking shirts. Her dad had been riding his bike for many years! He began to enter century and double-century rides back in the 1980s. He loved riding in the various competitions all over the different cities these rides were held in. He even did a RAM (Ride Across America) and was on the “sag wagon” that provided meals for the riders and would “rescue” any rider that was having difficulty and needed to drop from the race. The RAM is a grueling multi-day ride that only the “pros” enter. Lance Armstrong did these in his early days before becoming so famous. He continued to ride at least 50 miles a day even into his 80s and up to his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  Karen said, “He was a real good man and loved by many!”


Ask me about preserving your special memories of a loved one in a quilt.  I can even add photo blocks and custom designed graphic blocks for as little as $12 a block and up. Visit my website for quilt styles and pricing.


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