Costa Rica – Day 3 & 4

Day 3

img_8583What a way to start the day!  This is the view from the back of the Mission House.  The yard is full of beautiful flowers, a lemon tree, and many banana trees.

Meet Roa…she is a sweetheart but a very good guard dog too!


Today was the beginning of Kairos.  The Mission House was stirring with busy bees preparing agape and food organizing supplies to take into Vilma Curling Women’s Prison.  We were unable to go to the bakery to bake cookies so we made some ourselves at the Mission House. We also had lunch made by the team and then headed to the prison.

Today was a short day inside the prison.  The 37 inmates (we like to call them princesses) came in about 3pm and left about 5pm.  Everyone introduced themselves and the team got organized.  We will probably have more princesses come since it was supposed to be 42.

We got back to the Mission House around 6:30pm and had dinner and then came back to our hotel to get ready for a very early morning tomorrow.

Day 4

The bus picked us up at 6:10 a.m. so we only had time for coffee and no breakfast.   We arrived at the women’s prison and had to get quickly organized for the morning refreshments, fruit and cookies.  This year, we have three princesses helping us prepare food. Numerous talks and presentations happened today.  Melissa sang “You Say” and our team sang “Sing Alleluia” and we never practiced it and it sounded beautiful! Karla said she felt like she was in heaven!

We served lunch and dinner and it was super delicious!  Pineapple was served as a snack and some of these women hadn’t had pineapple in a very long time…so we try to give them lots of wonderful food as agape! The agape team also worked on the agape bags filled with all kinds of items! A woman from Ford’s Chapel made each fabric bag.

We also had the group photos made as well.  Here’s our cocina group photo.


The day ended and we came back to a mini fiesta with awesome and upbeat music!

Now it’s time for me to go finish writing my letters to the princesses.  Tomorrow they get their agape bag and all the letters that everyone writes!  Keep praying for these woman!  The walls are beginning to come down!

Buenos noches,



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