Prince Quilt, Wooden Quilt, and GORGEOUS Quilts!

Getting up at the crack of dawn and sleeping on a bus is worth it when the final destination is QUILTS, QUILTS, and MORE QUILTS!  We arrived in Paducah around 9am and hit the ground running with 30+ other quilters from the north Alabama area.

The first thing I wanted to see were the winners.  It is SO amazing what quilters do with fabric and other mixed media products.

The main reason I wanted to go was to see my Prince Challenge quilt!  It was really cool to see my own work at a quilt show as large as this!


Here are some winners and some of my favorites!


I also got to go the National Quilt Museum to see past Best of Shows and other exhibits!

And check this out…a quilt made of wood!


They allowed us to touch this piece!  AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

We had a quick stop at Hancocks Paducah, ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant and had HUGE margaritas, then got back on the bus and headed home.  We arrived back into Huntsville around 11:30.

My guild puts this on every year and it’s a great way to see the show without getting a hotel room!

Well this has totally inspired me to get myself back into my art quilts.  It’s my passion and I must make time for it!  I hope you take time to do something for yourself even if it isn’t quilting!

Staying busy as a bee!



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