What good things come from the bad? Quilting during the quarantine.

These past couple of months have been crazy….somewhat quiet being in my own home 95% of the time….with only getting groceries and working outside in my garden or walking.

The coronovirus thing started while I was on a quilting retreat in mid March then I get home to a mandatory shutdown of work, stores, etc.  It felt like we were living in an apocolypse.  Thank God, I had enough toilet paper on hand and plenty of quilting projects to do without getting any additional supplies.

During April, my quilting business was super slow so I worked on my Cherrywood Challenge quilt and completed it by May.  It’s been submitted to Cherrywood….so I won’t hear anything until July 13….that’s when I’ll be sharing my pic with the world. I did stay busy with my part-time job at the National Children’s Advocacy Center working from home.  Seemed so weird not seeing my coworkers, other than zoom calls.

Good comes from something bad….we hear that all of the time and sometimes wonder WHAT could good could come from this virus?

  1. I discovered I’m definitely a homebody!  I love being at home, but I miss people!
  2. My trips got cancelled…what good comes from that?  My safety and health for sure, but read below:

Well my Prince quilt was supposed to be at Paisley Park in Minnesota and we were to fly to Minneapolis to visit family June 3 and then go to the Prince celebration the 4th.  With COVID-19 that festival got postponed and then we cancelled our trip 2 weeks prior because we didn’t feel safe.

Little did we know the city was going to be in an uproar because of what happened to George Floyd.  I honestly hope and pray that the good thing that comes out of this is that this WILL NEVER happen again and complete equality will be the norm and color won’t exist….we are all God’s children so let’s get along and play nicely together!!!.  It breaks my heart to see what happened in Minneapolis. It angers me to see a cop behave that way.  I keep thinking what if Prince was alive today, what would he be saying and doing right there in his own community.

Because of everything happening I received this email yesterday.  (My quilt was in their email header….bottom row second from the left. )

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 12.40.11 PM

I’m sad that it didn’t get to Prince’s home at Paisley Park, but I’m happy it’s coming back to MY home after two long years traveling!!

Here are the client projects I worked on the past few months.  Things picked up quickly in May.  Graduation dates were getting set so that helped my business pick up quickly.

So I got some big news that my rose quilt got accepted into an AQS show….but I had doubts the show would go on due to COVID-19.



Sure enough I got an email this week saying the show had been cancelled. There’s always next year! At least I know it’s possible now!

Update - 2020 AQS Quilt Contest_Page_1

I hope this time at home helps everyone reflect on world happenings and also gives you great quality time with your families and even with your quilting!

Here’s some personal things I worked on.  Made TONS of masks to give away!  A purse for my mom, redid my swing, some comfy quilts for donation and helped finish a quilt to give to a friend.

Happy Quilting!

Sue Bee



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