About Me

IMG_4947My name is Sue Bartlow, Sue B. Over the years I’ve had work user-ids of sueb and somehow that became my nickname.  I even drive a yellow mustang with black accents…I call it my bee.

I have been sewing since I was 10 years old.  My mom taught me to sew simple patterns.  By the time I got married, I was making clothing and interior designs.  Six weeks after my wedding, my mother-in-law, Paula, suddenly passed away.  She had been working on our wedding quilt.  The local quilt guild, Heritage Quilters of Huntsville took the quilt and finished it for me and presented it to me at a meeting. My father-in-law also gave me all of Paula’s quilting supplies which filled an entire bedroom. It was time for me to learn to quilt. My quilting journey began in 1988 as a machine piecer and hand quilter.

Today I use my Brother Dreamweaver XE sewing machine to do all the sewing and embroidery work. I use a HandiQuilter Avante to quilt tops and quilts I make from scratch. I started this business because I saw a need here in our community to provide a service for clients wanting various types of memory quilts.  I also love to scrapbook and paint landscapes and hope to venture into some landscape quilts in the near future.

Why would you choose me?  

Unlike large companies that does memory quilts, I offer personalized service from the beginning to the end of your special quilt.  You are involved in the process of choosing fabrics, approving layout, etc.  I also use my very own hands to piece together your memory quilt and quilt it with free motion quilting and not computerized.

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Staying busy as a bee transforming t-shirts and clothing into memory quilts.

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