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Favorites of Paducah Quilt Show

It was a year ago today that I was experiencing the Paducah Quilt Show for the very first time.  I walked into the arena to see mostly women, and yes a few men were running around looking at the exhibits and the vendors. It was amazing and overwhelming to see all the quilts there.  My biggest inspiration was this quilt called Chasing Bubbles by Hiroko Miyama and Masanobu Miyama (Japan). Best original design award, AQS-Paducah 2015. I was determined to do an art quilt which has been started and is a very slow and tedious process as you can see in this photo.


 My favorite tool purchased at the show was a binding tool.  It helps me create binding so easily and perfectly.  See the video from Missouri Quilt Company.

This Saturday, I am headed to Paducah with the Heritage Quilters of Huntsville for a day trip.  I am looking forward to seeing my next inspirations and the next best tools I can find to enhance my skills.

I found a new addiction!

 Now that I have a better computer, I decided to buy EQ7 – Electric Quilt 7 for Mac.

It was an easy install and started doing tutorials very quickly.  I THINK I AM IN TROUBLE!  I can’t believe it’s this easy to create a quilt.  It even prints out the pattern AND tells you how much fabric you need!  WOW!!!!

My first project is called Garden of Eden.  Guess who that’s for?  My new granddaughter Eden. How appropriate is that. Thank you Kate Swayne for giving me that idea!

Here’s what I have done so far with a click of the mouse. Now it’s time to pick out the colors!


A Treasured and Very Vintage Sewing Machine

6abc63_f1a91cb9718d4b148522c534fe627bf5I am working on a blog post about my grandma and the sweet memories of her I had as a child.  It’s taking me a little while to get all my thoughts together.  My grandmother passed away a week ago.

As we were going through my grandmother’s belongings we came across this little machine that was my great grandmother’s. My mom said she used to sew on this little Singer Featherweight. It’s in great condition and needs a little cleaning and oiling.  It’ll be interesting trying to sew on it.

After doing some research on my newly acquired 221K, the K meant it was made in Great Britain and by the model number it was made in 1964…my birth year which makes it even more special to me. Even those these machines have been out of production since the 1960s, today’s quilters still look for them. They are a favorite among quilters.  I remember seeing these at a quilt show. Read more on some history of this sought after machine

So now I just need to get a new belt, and clean this little baby up!

Singer Sewing info site in UK. 

It’s time to make an art quilt!

6abc63_68c7a17f00f046db905929cc209f3510So for years I’ve wanted to do a portrait or a landscape quilt so I decided to do this picture! So I guess I am combining a portrait (sort of) and a landscape. This pic was taken at Big Spring Park in Huntsville, AL and that’s my youngest daughter who is now 20 but in this picture was 5. She always loved feeding the ducks…even at age 18.  We went to Big Spring Park for her to take photos for an art project she was doing.  She goes to Memphis College of Art and is an amazing artist!

I am a PhotoShop user, but decided to try this with PicMonkey so someone wouldn’t have to invest into an expensive piece of software. So after Lesson 2, I was able to take the above image, change it to black and white, increase the brightness and contrast and then “posterize” it.  That’s where you have to play to get no more than 6 values in.  This becomes the pattern to use to make the quilt. So the next step is to get this image printed 20×30 at a local print shop and it becomes my pattern.  Then it’s time to watch Lesson 3.  Stay tuned!

Ready for Summer and Done with Winter Quilt

This weather has been so weird here in Alabama.  One day it’s 40 and then next it’s 70.  I am longing for warmer weather to STAY!

Last year, I got a Moda quilt charm pack called Beach House. I fell in love with the bright colors and of course, the word BEACH was in it. Maybe I was just dreaming of owning a beach or a lake house, but anyway….I digress…I wanted to do a fun, bright quilt to hang in my studio so I created this quilt.  I used a new Pantograph fromQuilting4Fun.

A FREE Pattern for a Laptop Sleeve

I’ve had a 17″ MacBook Pro for over 8 years and this week I finally made a decision to get a new one, especially after IPhoto kept crashing, Google Chrome wasn’t supporting my browser anymore and the battery life was less than 30 minutes.  I love Apple products so I wanted to get another one but realized how expensive they are.  My husband found one on ebay with TechGator that was under a year old. We saved over $400 buying it slightly used.

Today’s personal sewing project: I decided to make a sleeve with this pattern.  It’s FREE and I used fabric I already had lying around the house.

A Very Special Memory Quilt

Keep your skin soft this winter!

olive oilIf you handle lots of fabrics or work with your hands a lot, sometimes your hands get dry. With the cold weather and dry indoor air that’s right around the corner, you want to keep your skin from drying out.  This recipe for lotion is all natural, organic and helps your skin heal, especially if you have eczema.

1 cup of Shea Butter – I buy this brand from
1/2 cup of Coconut Oil (see photo for type I use)
1/2 cup of Olive Oil (see photo for type I use)

Vitamin E and Essential Oils of your choice.  I only use Young Living Essential Oils.Product shots fro new catalog at YL farm in Mona

Melt shea butter and coconut oil in a double boiler. Remove from the heat and let it cool. After it is cool, add olive oil and any other essential oils. I use 30 drops of Lavender and sometimes add vitamin E drops.

Put the whole bowl into the refrigerator to start to harden.  Once it is harden on the edges, remove and whip until light and fluffy.  I use a Kitchen Aid stand mixer with the whisk beater and beat it until fluffy.

Store them in small mason jars or any decorative jars of your choice.

Learning a Free Motion Technique

IMG_5495It’s always a little scary to start something new especially a new free motion technique.  I’ve been doing a lot of meandering on quilts and wanted something different.  I’ve had a quilt sitting in my pile to be quilted for months…maybe even a year… and decided to load it on my long arm and try something new.  With free motion quilting you need to stay relaxed and able to freely move about the machine without feeling it all over your back and shoulders.  My fantastic long arm quilting teacher, Valerie, always said having a glass of wine before you quilt helps you relax.  It’s not always appropriate to do that especially if you are quilting early in the morning.  “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” runs through my head, but I resort to thinking my needle is a paintbrush and begin to “paint”! The consistent humming of my machine is enough to relax me!  I’m pretty happy with my results!