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A Week in Houston at the International Quilt Festival

What an amazing week I had last week!  I arrived on Sunday, November 4 and arrived home in the wee hours of the morning November 12 due to flight delays.

This is my second year to work on the Education Team with Quilts, Inc. as a volunteer.  It’s hard work and sometimes very long days, but all in all, it’s so worth it.  We meet well known and award-winning quilters, fabric designers, and great new friends that have the same love of quilting I do!

The quilts were AMAZING!!!!

The $12,500 Best of Show Winner – Eternal Beauty
Sherry Reynolds of Laramie, Wyoming, United States

What you can’t see is all of the beaufiful crystals added!IMG_7813

Here are some more that I really liked….see the complete list of winners.

My main job was checking in bus tours. We had to get up pretty early and be in the garage when partcipants arrived. I also did a lot of other things like working at the Meet the Teachers, Open Studios, Teacher’s Pet, tallying evaluations, checking in people to lectures, and any other things that was needed.

On Tuesday, I took a Confetti in Naturescapes with Noriko Endo from Japan. My almost finished product is to the right.  Apparently her classes are very hard to get into in Japan as well as here in the U.S. Working on the Education Team, we get to register first which is a super awesome perk!

On Wednesday, I took an Animal Portrait class with Esterita Austin.  It needs lots of work still…you can see some other progress the students were making.

Walking around the vendor area, I met Tula Pink, fabric designer.  She has some of the coolest fabrics!  I bought some of her new line!  Yes it’s a raccoon or if you live in the Rocket City, it’s a Trash Panda!

I also met Reva Hill.  Her quilt was chosen to be on all of the show materials!

While on the show floor I got to see some of the Prince challenge quilts.  So so cool to see them up close and personal.  Mine was not on this tour, but I hope to see it in April in Paducah!  Next Cherrywood Challenge is Bob Ross….I’m not really feeling that one so I’ll work on a different art quilt next year to be able to put into shows someday!

Some other absolutely gorgeous quilts by Lorraine Turner, Tamar Ophir, Carson, Converse, Hsi-Chen Hsu, Roxanne Nelson, Kathy McNeil, Carl Hentsch, Karlyn Bue Lohrenz, and Michelle Bardwell.

See my finger pointing to the tiny octagons on that quilt!  I can’t imagine hand sewing all of those…this was an antique quilt too!

Here are the fun freebies I got while there! Big thanks to the vendors that provided these wonderful goodies, Fons and Porter items, Quilter’s Select items, etc. Decorating Diva gave us each a beautiful wool ironing mat!

Here’s what I purchased below!  Can’t wait to start playing after the mad holiday rush to finish 20 quilts and 7 pillows!  The Tula Pink fabric will turn into a duffle bag and the beautiful autumn fabric will become an autumn quilt. Autumn Love design by Lori Holt.



IMG_7757After spending a week with my roommate, Lori, she has encouraged me to be more consistent with my blog!  I had a lot of fun meeting some of her followers to her blog Humble Quilts!  My goal is to write weekly and talk about some of the quilts I am working on…I always get a memory quilt from a client that has a beautiful story to go along with it. Sometimes they are super sad!  I’ve got one I am working on now about a young lady who passed away in her twenties!  It’ll be filled with great memories of her short life.  Hope you all have a great week!

Stay busy as a bee with your quilting!

Sue Bee!

62 Miles, 125,154 Steps at the Largest Quilt Show!

Months ago, I was invited to work on the Education Team at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX.  I was told it would be hard work, long days, lots of walking, and may not get time to eat.  What I didn’t know is how inspiring it would be to meet some of the internationally known teachers, take art quilt classes that were amazing, being able to see all of the exhibits and magnificent quilts I’ve ever seen, and work with a great team of ladies (see top photo).

So what kind of work did I do?  

I put up flip charts and markers in every classroom, added large foamcore boards to rooms for teachers to pin up their art, filled buckets of water, set up several special events, checked in keys from teachers, checked in students at lectures and luncheons, clean up after events, pack up supplies, put plastic on lots of tables, picked up, delivered irons and whatever else they needed me to do.

Here are the few amazingly fun things I did:

  • I attended 3 hour long arm class from an awesome teacher, Jodi Robinson
  • I attended an all day class with Melinda Bula called Fabulous Fusible Flowers and I was her Teacher’s Pet and checked in her class and handled evaluations. She even gave me a beautiful pattern for being her “pet”
  • Observed the Iron Quilt Challenge which was super fun!  Think Iron Chef but with quilts and not food!
  • Heard some of the most amazing talks from the most amazing quilters: Cheryl Sebolda, Cindy England, Karen Kay Buckley, Maria Shell, etc.
  • Attended the Winner’s Circle and saw the quilts being revealed.  Top prize Best of Show won $12,500.  NICE! Maybe that’ll be me someday! IMG_3833.JPG
  • Shopping….over 1000 vendors but I defintely didn’t get around to all of them.IMG_3722
  • Viewed hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous quilts and exhibitions.

We got some cool perks too:

  • Up to 10 yards of free fabric from two designers, Alexander Henry and Cotton and Steel to make garments for us to wear and Indygo Junction gave us a choice of a free pattern so I chose a kimono.
  • Free hotel and transportation to and from the airport
  • Faculty goody bagsIMG_3703
  • Gifts from various artists
  • IQF Show Bag and goodies
  • IQF T-shirt

The whole trip was very hard on my feet and legs….I ended up seeing the first aid and they told me to keep my right foot elevated and iced.  It was a little difficult to do that when I was about to catch a plane.  I did go to the doctor on Monday and it turned out not to be from standing on them all day…it was cellulitus.  So I got some drugs and was told to rest, ice and elevate for several days.  Just hoping that I feel better by Thursday for my weekend retreat.

I’ve been so blessed to spend a week with some fabulous artists and a super fabulous team that put on an awesome Quilt Show! I’m definitely interested in volunteering again next year, but maybe I need to buy a hovercraft or wear roller skates.

Now I’m ready to create….many light bulbs went off with various techniques that I need to practice on.  Now I just need the time to quilt!

Happy Quilting!

Sue Bee

See the gallery of beautiful quilts that were at the International Festival. This was just a few of my favorites out of 100s of others.


Favorites of Paducah Quilt Show

It was a year ago today that I was experiencing the Paducah Quilt Show for the very first time.  I walked into the arena to see mostly women, and yes a few men were running around looking at the exhibits and the vendors. It was amazing and overwhelming to see all the quilts there.  My biggest inspiration was this quilt called Chasing Bubbles by Hiroko Miyama and Masanobu Miyama (Japan). Best original design award, AQS-Paducah 2015. I was determined to do an art quilt which has been started and is a very slow and tedious process as you can see in this photo.


 My favorite tool purchased at the show was a binding tool.  It helps me create binding so easily and perfectly.  See the video from Missouri Quilt Company.

This Saturday, I am headed to Paducah with the Heritage Quilters of Huntsville for a day trip.  I am looking forward to seeing my next inspirations and the next best tools I can find to enhance my skills.