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Do you have UFO’s….unfinished objects?  I have so many, but last weekend I spent 2.5 days with my new Stitchers Group at Grand Oak Retreat.  I got quite a bit done and am pretty happy with my progress.

IMG_9447.jpgFirst to finish and now is ready to quilt was my “Utah” Row-by-Row souvenir. Back in June, I went to Utah with my husband to see a rocket firing and went to four quilt shops.  I figured buying the kits was much more fun than buying a Utah souvenir….AND best of all, I got to see all the wonderful quilt shops!!!!!!


Second project was more time intensive…probably spent two hours cutting out strips and 8-10 hours sewing it together. It is a true labor of love for one of our bedrooms in our house. This room is my 21 year old daughter’s bedroom, but since she’s at Memphis College of Art, she only comes home on occasion. This is what it is going to look like.  I’m just going to do some all over quilting

Third project was a simple table runner and then I tried out some 6″ blocks from Farm Girl Vintage (which I just purchased from The Fat Quarter Shop) with my leftover Moda Hello Fall charm pack.

So I have also been pondering about how to use my Jan Shade Beach fat quarters so at the retreat, I played around with EQ7 and came up with this. The center blocks in 5 of the blocks will contain her preprinted block graphics.  I plan on using my Shimmer pattern for another quilt.  This one will be a wall hanging. It’s Sunday   and it took me a week to finish this blog.  It was just one of those weeks!  I hope you have a blessed day!

screen for snowflake quilt

My First Challenge

IMG_9264I did my first challenge quilt with the Heritage Quilters of Huntsville Guild.  This quilt was an inspiration of the theme “A Road Less Travelled”.  Instead of it being a road, mine was a river.  Many years ago my family and I were vacationing in the Smokies and I was dying to try fly fishing in the park. So I geared up and my husband dropped me off in the park and a few hours later picked me up a ways down the river.  I tried to stay along side of the road, but there was this one area that caught my eye.  I noticed water coming from another source, so I got out of the river and walked a short distance and saw a gorgeous waterfall.  No one would have seen this waterfall unless they purposely got out of their car, walked across the river and then into the woods a short distance.  That place was definitely a “road less travelled”.

I spent a month or so looking for a variety of fabrics with textures to use in this quilt.  I got many of them on my recent vacation to Utah at various quilt shops in the Salt Lake City area.  The very first thing I did was “thread paint” ME fishing.  I printed a B&W photo on fabric and then went to my machine and started threadpainting.  I learned this technique after taking a class from Nancy Prince a couple months ago. It’s far from perfect but it was fun! I added ME to the quilt once it was all pieced together.IMG_9373

I finished it off with a printed fabric label done on my inkjet printer.  I am pretty happy with my first art quilt and ready to do more!  Got some really cool ideas floating in my head!

Generations to Come

Have you ever wondered what our future looks like when it comes to photos and preserving memories?  I’ve always been a scrapbooker and preserved my memories in a scrapbook so that my grandchildren and future generations could flip through the pages to see how their we lived and celebrated life.IMG_9253

Nowadays, more and more people are digitally preserving their memories via Facebook, Tumbler, Flickr, Google, iCloud, you name it, it’s out there!  They say “once it’s on the net, it’s always on the net”.   Technology changes so rapidly these days it’s truly fascinating from a techno geeky side!

It is a good idea to take your favorite photos and print them as a backup so that your future generations can enjoy thumbing through and old vintage scrapbook. There’s just something about turning the actual pages!  Creative Memories makes awesome scrapbooks and has great supplies.  I’ve been scrapbooking for almost 21 years and still keep my feet wet as a Creative Memories Advisor. So if you ever want to make that scrapbook, let me know.

IMG_9154Another cool way to preserve memories is through a quilt.  The quilt to the left contains 10 years of cruise memories.

The one below to the right contains many years of race memories of a person who is no longer with us.  Two photos have been added to the quilt below.IMG_9237

Adding photos to a T-shirt quilt or any sort of geneaology quilt can add so much personalization to a quilt.  I use to print my fabric, so it’s high quality, washable, and has vivid color.  So take those shirts out of your drawers or closet and bring them to me to help you preserve those memories in a special keepsake memory quilt. It’ll be worth every dollar spent!

Ready for Summer and Done with Winter Quilt

This weather has been so weird here in Alabama.  One day it’s 40 and then next it’s 70.  I am longing for warmer weather to STAY!

Last year, I got a Moda quilt charm pack called Beach House. I fell in love with the bright colors and of course, the word BEACH was in it. Maybe I was just dreaming of owning a beach or a lake house, but anyway….I digress…I wanted to do a fun, bright quilt to hang in my studio so I created this quilt.  I used a new Pantograph fromQuilting4Fun.

A Very Special Memory Quilt