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Hardest Quilt I’ve Ever Done

It wasn’t because it was a difficult pattern, it wasn’t becuase the front was 100% Tommy Bahama silk shirts and Tommy Bahama linen/cotton shirts on the back, it was because each shirt was worn by a friend who recently passed away.

My long time friend, Dan Swayne was killed in an accident in Abu Dhabi. Dan was an Air Force pilot and had over 4,000 hours of logged time.  He loved being a pilot. He died doing what he loved.  Unfortunately he left behind a wife, a step daughter, a son, and three grown daughters, a brother and parents.

Kate, his wife, asked me to do this quilt and chose a pattern.  I finshed it earlier this week and mailed it to Bethesda, MD.  Today he is being buried in Arlington National Cemetary.  His wife and step daughter are flying in from UAE and the quilt will be waiting for them.  They will be able to take it back with them and snuggle under it and remember the times Dan wore these shirts. He LOVED his Tommy Bahama shirts. Kate said they are his “signature” shirts. Please keep them in your prayers!  img_0130