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62 Miles, 125,154 Steps at the Largest Quilt Show!

Months ago, I was invited to work on the Education Team at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX.  I was told it would be hard work, long days, lots of walking, and may not get time to eat.  What I didn’t know is how inspiring it would be to meet some of the internationally known teachers, take art quilt classes that were amazing, being able to see all of the exhibits and magnificent quilts I’ve ever seen, and work with a great team of ladies (see top photo).

So what kind of work did I do?  

I put up flip charts and markers in every classroom, added large foamcore boards to rooms for teachers to pin up their art, filled buckets of water, set up several special events, checked in keys from teachers, checked in students at lectures and luncheons, clean up after events, pack up supplies, put plastic on lots of tables, picked up, delivered irons and whatever else they needed me to do.

Here are the few amazingly fun things I did:

  • I attended 3 hour long arm class from an awesome teacher, Jodi Robinson
  • I attended an all day class with Melinda Bula called Fabulous Fusible Flowers and I was her Teacher’s Pet and checked in her class and handled evaluations. She even gave me a beautiful pattern for being her “pet”
  • Observed the Iron Quilt Challenge which was super fun!  Think Iron Chef but with quilts and not food!
  • Heard some of the most amazing talks from the most amazing quilters: Cheryl Sebolda, Cindy England, Karen Kay Buckley, Maria Shell, etc.
  • Attended the Winner’s Circle and saw the quilts being revealed.  Top prize Best of Show won $12,500.  NICE! Maybe that’ll be me someday! IMG_3833.JPG
  • Shopping….over 1000 vendors but I defintely didn’t get around to all of them.IMG_3722
  • Viewed hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous quilts and exhibitions.

We got some cool perks too:

  • Up to 10 yards of free fabric from two designers, Alexander Henry and Cotton and Steel to make garments for us to wear and Indygo Junction gave us a choice of a free pattern so I chose a kimono.
  • Free hotel and transportation to and from the airport
  • Faculty goody bagsIMG_3703
  • Gifts from various artists
  • IQF Show Bag and goodies
  • IQF T-shirt

The whole trip was very hard on my feet and legs….I ended up seeing the first aid and they told me to keep my right foot elevated and iced.  It was a little difficult to do that when I was about to catch a plane.  I did go to the doctor on Monday and it turned out not to be from standing on them all day…it was cellulitus.  So I got some drugs and was told to rest, ice and elevate for several days.  Just hoping that I feel better by Thursday for my weekend retreat.

I’ve been so blessed to spend a week with some fabulous artists and a super fabulous team that put on an awesome Quilt Show! I’m definitely interested in volunteering again next year, but maybe I need to buy a hovercraft or wear roller skates.

Now I’m ready to create….many light bulbs went off with various techniques that I need to practice on.  Now I just need the time to quilt!

Happy Quilting!

Sue Bee

See the gallery of beautiful quilts that were at the International Festival. This was just a few of my favorites out of 100s of others.


Generations to Come

Have you ever wondered what our future looks like when it comes to photos and preserving memories?  I’ve always been a scrapbooker and preserved my memories in a scrapbook so that my grandchildren and future generations could flip through the pages to see how their we lived and celebrated life.IMG_9253

Nowadays, more and more people are digitally preserving their memories via Facebook, Tumbler, Flickr, Google, iCloud, you name it, it’s out there!  They say “once it’s on the net, it’s always on the net”.   Technology changes so rapidly these days it’s truly fascinating from a techno geeky side!

It is a good idea to take your favorite photos and print them as a backup so that your future generations can enjoy thumbing through and old vintage scrapbook. There’s just something about turning the actual pages!  Creative Memories makes awesome scrapbooks and has great supplies.  I’ve been scrapbooking for almost 21 years and still keep my feet wet as a Creative Memories Advisor. So if you ever want to make that scrapbook, let me know.

IMG_9154Another cool way to preserve memories is through a quilt.  The quilt to the left contains 10 years of cruise memories.

The one below to the right contains many years of race memories of a person who is no longer with us.  Two photos have been added to the quilt below.IMG_9237

Adding photos to a T-shirt quilt or any sort of geneaology quilt can add so much personalization to a quilt.  I use spoonflower.com to print my fabric, so it’s high quality, washable, and has vivid color.  So take those shirts out of your drawers or closet and bring them to me to help you preserve those memories in a special keepsake memory quilt. It’ll be worth every dollar spent!

Quilts and Rockets

IMG_8901IMG_8890Wow, this week has been great so far in Utah.  My husband is an engineer at NASA working on the SLS (Space Launch System) that will take us to deep space in the near future….Mars that is.  Yesterday, I got to experience an actual rocket test firing which was super cool!  We even toured the plant where they make the rockets, from the nozzle to the solid rocket propellant that goes in all of the segments of the rocket.  Seeing what my husband does first hand was really eye opening and exciting.

On Mo6c91b7a113e6f4f689aac47fcf48f027nday, my sweet hubby drove me from quilt shop to quilt shop, patiently waiting for me to make my purchase, and of course look and drool at all of the fabrics.  All I could think of was the photo to the right.

Not sure if you have ever heard of  the Row-by-Row Experience, but each year starting in June, quilt shops all over the US, Canada,  and now Europe participate in this experience by creating a design according to the theme, offering a free pattern of the design, or creating a kit for purchase.  Oh, and of course, the license plate of the shop!  It’s a fun adventure.  I only learned about it last year and vowed to participate this year.  So I went from shop to shop in Utah (only 4 of them) and purchased the kit, instructions and the official plate from each shop.  I would say it was SEW WORTH IT!

I LOVED seeing how each shop was set up.  My favorite by far is Elaine’s Quilt Block in Salt Lake City. I walked into one of the rooms and fell in love.  The colors were beautiful! It was so organized and had two floors filled with designer quilt fabrics, Michael Miller, Riley Blake, Kaffe Fassett and more!  Each bolt of fabric had fat quarters already cut!  smiling-face-with-heart-shaped-eyes

My dream has always been to own my own quilt shop attached to a coffee/tea shop!  I would duplicate this shop and have one in my little hometown! Who knows, maybe someday!

The absolute highlight of my Utah quilting journey was stopping by Handi Quilter, maker of my long arm. A couple months ago I emailed their headquarters and asked if they did tours.  I got a very nice response back from their customer service saying they did not but to stop by our place and check us out. So on Monday afternoon, my husband and I stopped by and walked in the front door.  There were quilts hanging everywhere….Luke Haynes was the artist being displayed at this time. There wasn’t a receptionist or anyone to greet us so there was that awkward moment of what to do next, so a person saw me and I waved.  She came over and talked to us and I explained to her about contacting them and “stopping by”. So she excused herself to find someone to come and talk to us.  The CEO, Darren Denning greeted us and asked if we wanted a tour.  I was pretty surprised that the CEO would take time out of his busy schedule to give a quilting groupie like me a tour.  Of course I said YES! 🙂  There was a quilting retreat happening in a room full of long arms and lots and lots of quilts hanging everywhere.  It felt like a quilting museum! The factory tour was amazing…I really think my husband, Byron enjoyed it as well!

My local dealer, Huntsville Sew and Vac, can hook you up with great equipment!  They are Handi Quilter dealers!  Tell them I sent you!

Yep I am here!

Luke Haynes quilts behind me

The lobby

More Luke Haynes quilts

Byron and Darren talking about manufacturing stuff.

Long arm retreat.

The inside of an Avante (my machine)

These machines are set to run for a long time and then measurements are taken to determine if there are any problems.

Testing Area

These ladies get to test the equipment!

I found a new addiction!

 Now that I have a better computer, I decided to buy EQ7 – Electric Quilt 7 for Mac.

It was an easy install and started doing tutorials very quickly.  I THINK I AM IN TROUBLE!  I can’t believe it’s this easy to create a quilt.  It even prints out the pattern AND tells you how much fabric you need!  WOW!!!!

My first project is called Garden of Eden.  Guess who that’s for?  My new granddaughter Eden. How appropriate is that. Thank you Kate Swayne for giving me that idea!

Here’s what I have done so far with a click of the mouse. Now it’s time to pick out the colors!


A Treasured and Very Vintage Sewing Machine

6abc63_f1a91cb9718d4b148522c534fe627bf5I am working on a blog post about my grandma and the sweet memories of her I had as a child.  It’s taking me a little while to get all my thoughts together.  My grandmother passed away a week ago.

As we were going through my grandmother’s belongings we came across this little machine that was my great grandmother’s. My mom said she used to sew on this little Singer Featherweight. It’s in great condition and needs a little cleaning and oiling.  It’ll be interesting trying to sew on it.

After doing some research on my newly acquired 221K, the K meant it was made in Great Britain and by the model number it was made in 1964…my birth year which makes it even more special to me. Even those these machines have been out of production since the 1960s, today’s quilters still look for them. They are a favorite among quilters.  I remember seeing these at a quilt show. Read more on some history of this sought after machine

So now I just need to get a new belt, and clean this little baby up!

Singer Sewing info site in UK.