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A Quilt of Many Memories

A couple from Northport, Alabama contacted me about doing a quilt for them back in October.  They were going to deliver the shirts to me at the Madison Street Festival but had a family emergency that weekend and was unable to make it.  So a few weeks later, they drove to Madison to bring me the shirts.  They did not want to put them in the mail. These shirts belonged to their 25 year old son who overdosed and passed away 3 years ago.  They told me his story and also showed me photos of him wearing these shirts.  These shirts are priceless to them!

I finished this precious quilt in January and they picked it up a couple of weeks ago.  Their son, Trey loved hunting, John Deere, and the Alabama Crimson Tide!  Each shirt has a story to tell!

On the back of the quilt, I added Deuteronomy 25:19 – The Lord has given thee rest from all thine enemies.img_0693

On Tuesday, I got this message from Trey’s mother:img_0745

I know how important all of these shirts are!  I will take the utmost care of your priceless memories and make them into a meaningful quilt that can be passed on to future generations.

Be sure to check out my Shop section on my website.  To see the price per block/shirt used, please click on View Details.


Should I Donate Them?

Remember all those fun times in high school and college and all the fun t-shirts you got for all those different band trips, sorority events, sports, games, etc?  T-shirts provide memories of your childhood, college days or any time in your life.  I am kicking myself for not saving all of mine!  I gave so many of mine away.  There are lots of things you can donate, but don’t donate memories.

I am currently working on a t-shirt quilt for a sweet lady who has travelled the world.  I bet there are over 50 shirts that will be on this quilt!  So many of us buy those souvenir t-shirts. Wouldn’t it be cool to see them  all on one quilt?  Once I finish it, I’ll be sure to share it with you all!

img_0075I also just finished this one for a young women who is a ZTA at Auburn. SO many fun memories for her I am sure! Preserve your memories on a quilt oe even a pillow!  Order your quilt and get 40% off your pillow (like above  in the photo – regular price is $50 and you’ll get it for $30 ). You won’t regret it! Text me or call me at 256-617-3167 or email me at suebartlow@me.com